The heat isn’t far away

Longer days, warmer afternoons: we know it’s almost here. As the shift towards summer begins in the Southern Hemisphere, we’re ready for it with our ultra lightweight, refined-fit Core Jerseys. Moisture-wicking, breathable, reliable. What’s your colour this summer?

Your colour, your time in the sun

Our new Crumpler x Pedla collaboration celebrates the moments we roam. From cross-city to cross-country, the daily journey or new adventure, get ready to roam near or far.

Pana Organic x Pedla | Local Racing Team

As cyclists we exist in a community As cyclists we exist in a community. Groups large and small. There’s the local teams, road races and crits. But also the group – cyclists, friends, locals – who roll out for a morning training ride. Our new kit has grown from these traditions. It’s about celebrating relationships that were always there. We’re also passionate about making our community a welcoming, social and inclusive space, encouraging all riders to join us on the road.

Melbourne Local Loop

Join us every Friday morning for our Melbourne Local Loop.

Local Loops Shop Kit

We all have our wonderfully hidden local loops. In celebration of all things local, we are pleased to introduce our latest Local Loops shop kit.